N.J. Hallard

Hello! I’m N.J. Hallard – a self-published author and self-taught illustrator.

My first novel Breaking News: an Autozombiography is about a horror movie nut who has to deal with a real-life outbreak of the stinking undead one long, hot summer on the south coast of England. As a zombie geek he has this day pretty much planned already. But persuading his wife, friends and others to join him on his quest for survival might go slightly less smoothly…

I’m writing a sequel – Rising Up: an Autozombiography, which I was hoping to be able to finish this year (read exactly why it’s been delayed here).

I live in in West Sussex with my son and my haplessly befuddled beagle Floyd. I love talking to like-minded people and really appreciate feedback about the book, so do get in touch with me directly at contact@NJHallard.co.uk.

“N.J. Hallard is THE zombie author you want in your survival enclave after the rising”

Professor of English
Brendan Riley PhD
‘Zombies in Popular Media’
Columbia College Chicago

5 Responses to N.J. Hallard

  1. Paddy Floyd Dong says:

    Dude, just finished your book. Awesome . I was genuinely Gutted when I realised it was finished and that was a subtle yet arse clenching ( yet romantic ) cliff hanger. Eagerly awaiting the continuation.

  2. Lisa says:

    When is the sequel coming out? It feels like forever.

  3. Brilliant read! I’ve torn through a bunch of zombie novels, and yours was truly my favorite. I can’t wait for book 2. Please give my best to Floyd!

  4. Dan says:

    Hi NJ
    Just finished “Breaking News” and I LOVED IT!!! I’m a keen zombie genre fan and as with most who follow the walking dead, I find it a long wait inbetween seasons, so this time I decided to see what the WD comics were like. I ploughed through them within a week and then discovered the walking dead novels, which I allowed quickly devoured. I then found the Frank Tayell books (surviving the evacuation etc.) which I really enjoyed especially because they were based in old blighty, and importantly had a good dose of very english humour which was so refreshing in this genre. I then discovered “breaking news” and couldn’t put it down and I can’t wait to read the sequel…trilogy? So hurry up please 🙂 The familiarity of the locations, humour and various references really brought it home and made it more fascinating and real. There were numerous paragraphs which I had to read out loud to my own wife “Lou” because she wanted to know what I was reading that was so funny! Also loved the whole Ray Mears survival thang and the anti zombie suit, brilliant! Oh yes and include Bristol more in the sequel 😉
    Keep up the good work I’m sure many are eagerly awaiting what you bring us next!

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