Its nearly upon us…

After several last-minute hitches, Baron Cissbury’s tale of zombie survival ‘Breaking News: an Autozombiography’ is going to be available this week, on Friday 27th August. For the moment, the only place you’ll be able to barter for a copy will be the publishers themselves, but within eight weeks it will be available through the usual channels – I will post and tweet details here and @NJHallard!

With 300 pages, sixteen original illustrations and maps, the Baron’s got some stories to tell – ‘The Battle of the Stinkers’, ‘The Chanctonbury Attack’ and of course, what unfolded on Midsummer’s Eve.

Gasp at tales of jaw-dropping sacrifice and unmatched bravery! Weep at accounts of human endeavour and inhuman obscenities! Glory in the senseless violence and pop culture references! Its a pustule-popping, skull-lopping, zombie-topping feast!

Keep on your toes this week – you’ve made it this far, it’d be a shame if you became zom-nom before this little beauty comes out…

About N.J. Hallard

N.J. Hallard was born in England in 1975. He lives with his wife and child on the West Sussex coast. He enjoys cooking and telling tall tales.
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