Fellow survivors on Twitter have their say…

Here are some opinions from the very excellent followers of @NJHallard on Twitter, on the Kid vs. Zombie debate (there’s a poll to vote on under this post):

@tabreham: he needs to take one out at somepoint, ensure someone is close at hand to take out the stinker if things get out of control. anyone get bitten?
@NJHallard: Nah, everyone has to be armed. He didn’t last twenty seconds! We were eating. Pork & apple casserole with sage dumplings. Nice.
@tabreham: food stocks lasting ok then sir?
@NJHallard: Well, apples are apples, we’ve got two sows with litters, loads of fresh veg – it’s going alright! When are we having that cuppa? (…the dumplings were tiny though, we’re working on the wheat!)
@tabreham: when these stinking shamblers thin out some,they seem to be getting more though,don’t worry though I still have the large box of hobnobs I got from a ramshackled co-op:)
@NJHallard: I’m a patient man! Good luck friend!
@tabreham: thank man,I still have a worry,if a pig were to eat a part of a stinker and we were to eat the pig,would the infection pass on to us?
@NJHallard: There’ve been cases of infection near here from eating fish from rivers with zombie carcasses on the river banks. Leave it alone.

@idrawzombies: DO IT!!! trial by fire – rip out all the teeth of the stinker if you want to be extra safe

@topetine: does the kiddo have ranged training? Like bows? Might be a good idea to start there!
@NJHallard: He’s good with a slingshot, but that’s best for food. All the kids are good with axes, I’m thinking hog-tie the stinker for him!
@topetine: haha, well, that works but I’d start working on bow skills! 8 is old enough 🙂
@NJHallard: True. Very true indeed. I’m taking him over to the range before sunset – the other kids are now officially jealous!

@bguglyhryscry: 1got in.More will.What if next time runt sees it1st?Worse,it sees runt 1st?Lop its hands off,give kid a machete&see what happens.
: Thanks a fine point. Someone suggested batting his teeth out too. I’m warming to the idea…!
if the kid ain’t fast enuff to keep away from a paw-less rotter’s mouth,he isn’t gonna live long enuff to worry bout it anyway.
Now that’s the truth! No wonder you survived!
@bguglyhryscry: natural selection. Even with the undead, mother nature knows her shit.

About N.J. Hallard

N.J. Hallard was born in England in 1975. He lives with his wife and child on the West Sussex coast. He enjoys cooking and telling tall tales.
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