The results are in – its a ‘YES’!

Thank you all for helping us to decide whether or not eight-year-old Scott should be able to dispatch a zombie, under controlled conditions. He’s the only kid not to have one under his belt, and he’s getting a bit fed up! He’ll be pleased with the results of the poll – 41.7% of you say ‘yes’, 25% say ‘no’, 33.3% say other – (our encampment tech-geek is currently working out how to recover your comments from the servers – he’s using matchsticks and some gaffer tape so don’t hold your breath). This result from fellow survivors all around the world who took part matches almost exactly the quick poll we did in camp.

I just told Scott the results, and his first words were “Okay, when?”.  Kids.

About N.J. Hallard

N.J. Hallard was born in England in 1975. He lives with his wife and child on the West Sussex coast. He enjoys cooking and telling tall tales.
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