The man who tried to sell his children – the story so far

The following tweets from (and to) Baron Cissbury took place two nights ago. We still await the return of the Baron. May mercy be upon us all.

Blimey, a survivor just left our camp wanting to barter his 3 kids. He refused quarantine, and offered them for sale before moving on…

He said they were the only tradable things he had left. They’re young, must’ve been babies when the zombies came. Were they even his kids?

This is all fucked up. Who might they end up with? I feel like taking them off him – I’m not going to barter for 3 kids for fucks’ sake.

Tweet from MalinVK (SWEDEN): @BaronCissbury WTF?! Take the kids!! Give them a better life than with that fucker!!

The council have gathered us all for a meeting, to decide whether or not it’s in the camp’s interest to take these kids under our wing.

Personally I think we’re asking the wrong question, but what do I know? Lou’s more than a bit pissed off.

Still debating this. I thought bureaucracy had died with civilisation – apparently not. I know which track they took, but time is money.

The council have made a decision about rescuing the kids. It was 8 votes to our 4. This camp is an attempt at a democracy, and it said ‘no’.

So the Cissbury Encampment said ‘no’. I may be Baron of Cissbury, but I am not Cissbury Encampment. Back in a bit.

About N.J. Hallard

N.J. Hallard was born in England in 1975. He lives with his wife and child on the West Sussex coast. He enjoys cooking and telling tall tales.
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