My actual GO-bag

I know there’s a lot of posturing and chest-puffing in the world of horror writing – that’s why I love it. But sometimes you just have to put your money where your mouth is.

I’ve owned much of the equipment needed for a fully formed, kick-arse GO-bag for a while – but with a couple of recent additions I now have simply THE best zombie apocalypse preparedness kit I’ve seen yet. I’m not boasting. Well, actually I am.
What do you think? Do you agree with my choices?  What would you include? Please bear in mind that I always wear good walking boots, and in an outbreak of zombies I will obviously be raiding my neighbours’ larders before they’ve even seen the news.

You can contact me directly at – I’d love to hear from you whilst we all still have electricity…

all the best,
N.J. Hallard

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N.J. Hallard's real-life zombie apocalypse GO-bag

A few notes:
We don’t have many guns here in the UK, which I’m all for in a zombie apocalypse because I don’t want to see out my days counting the rounds I have left.
The recommended standard civilian disaster kit – AKA ‘bug-out’ bag; G.O.O.D. bag (Get Out Of Dodge); battle-box; or grab-bag – does not prepare you well for a zombie apocalypse. Most significantly they say the ‘Magic Ten’ short-term relief items will keep you alive for the seventy-two hours it should take for the emergency services to reach you. Guess what? They’ll all be undead.

Unless they’ve read this.

Now, of course I have the ‘Magic Ten’ as part of my GO-bag (‘GO’ stands for ‘Get Out’!). But this kit is neither a three-day stepping-stone nor a long-term survival kit. This is to get me and my loved ones through ten days until the stinkers start to disperse a little. Ten days.

After that I can raid the stores for the most expensive hickory-handled triple-tempered axe I can find to replace the rather cheap but undeniably snazzy ‘sporting goods’ axes I have now… Oh, and food of course.

4 Responses to My actual GO-bag

  1. Kyle says:

    Great bag, the only thing I would add is a small tent, sleeping bag and replace your stove with one that works on all fuel types (petrol, disel, karosene, etc)

    Good job though.


  2. D. Davies says:

    I would add 1L of bleach to use as a disinfectant and back up water purifier.

  3. DRTY JRZY says:

    i would replace the wooden spoon for a metal spoon. Over time and without the proper sanitation available, could become a real disease spreader.

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