Reviews for Breaking News: an Autozombiography

“Clearly a work of Gonzo genius…”

– Robin Hill, actor & co-writer, Down Terrace
(Winner Raindance Jury Prize 2009, Winner FantasticFest Next Wave Award 2009, Winner British Independent Film Awards 2009).

“It is difficult to find anything on the subject that is unique. Breaking News by N.J. Hallard is one of those few exceptions… The flow of the story and the development of the characters are done sublimely…”
Read the full review here.

“This is one of the coolest zombie novels out there… It’s like an avalanche, once it got going it was impossible to stop… This is one novel that is beyond the usual zombie thriller… It was an uncommon and pleasurable experience.  Wow!”
Read the full review here.

“Hallard has done something rather clever, electing to write about what he knows best. You see, the whole story is based on himself, his girlfriend, their friends and family, and the geographical area that he lives in. It’s a genuine autobiography that suddenly takes a turn into the Twilight Zone. A classic ‘What If?’ plot…
Hallard is an excellent storyteller and I’m itching to find out what happens next.”
– Rablenkov, five-star customer

“One of my favorite aspects of this book is that the author has clearly thought out his survival techniques. He describes in detail how shelters were made, how weapons were made and basically the little details needed to survive. They start simply, with tents and simple shelters, eventually building full on solid structures, and developing a (very necessary) system to weed out potentially infected individuals trying to join the encampment.
The only thing I wish this book had was more of the author’s illustrations. I loved them, and wish there were just more of them.”

– J.Horio, five-star customer

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